eCognition Architect

eCognition Architect enables non-technical professionals such as vegetation mapping experts, urban planners or foresters to leverage eCognition technology. Users can easily configure, calibrate and execute image analysis workflows created in eCognition Developer.  


Features & Benefits

  • Easy access to superior collection of object based image analysis  functionality
  • Scalable from a single desktop to enterprise production workflows
  • Easy-to-use guided workflows






The Architect Toolbox is a predefined set of actions which comes with eCognition Architect. It enables the creation of simple click & classify solutions without any development effort.

Rule sets developed in eCognition Developer can be turned into applications for eCognition Architect, resulting in simple-to-use solutions that can be utilized by non image experts.

eCognition Architect features a comprehensive set of tools designed to support interactive editing and quality assessment workflows.